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Maximizing Adventure by Minimizing Risk

Order DVD: "The State of Risk"

DVDPrice: $300.00/ea. + S/H

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The “State of Risk” DVD and it’s accompanying literature was developed to aid outfitters, guides, educators and land administrators within the outdoor recreation industry manage the legal risks associated with their businesses. Combining footage from actual risk management seminars with action shots from Teton Gravity Research and other sports film groups, the “State of Risk” is a dynamic and engaging way for owners and employees to educate themselves and to improve their risk management practices. The information and instruction on the “State of Risk” is accessible and applicable to a variety of recreation oriented groups. The principles behind risk management and negligence oriented claims as they apply to recreation oriented or adventure sports entities are rather universal and the DVD producers chose cases from a wide variety of sports and film footage from a wide variety of activities.

The total running time of the “State of Risk” is approximately two hours and seventeen minutes; the “Extras” sections run approximately thirty-one minutes. The main presentation and the extras section (See, Topics/Chapters, below) are broken into a number of chapters on the DVD so that viewers can watch the whole presentation in one training or break it into smaller segments. The take-home format of this product also allows you to watch the contents at your leisure and as many times as you might need or choose. The DVD will have approximately a three year shelf life (seasonal businesses should be able to use it in training for a full three seasons, or perhaps a bit longer...) and then it is likely that the “State of Risk” producers will want to update the product. The DVD also includes 1) a PDF outline that details specific case studies referenced in the DVD and provides a bibliography of risk management materials; 2) a document that describes Supreme Court decisions from each of the 50 states on use of release and waiver contracts and categorizes these decisions from strict to lenient, and 3) a document that lists current outdoor recreation legislation in each of the 50 states.

Topics/Chapters: Main Presentation: 1 Introduction with Industry Statistics; 2 Risk Management; 3 Negligence; 4 Contributory Negligence; 5 Gross Negligence; 6 Types of Claims Being Made Against Outdoor Operators: 6a Co-Participant Liability, 6b Premises Liability, 6c Negligent Medical Care/Rescue/Incident Response, 6d Negligent Supervision & Instruction, 6e Negligent Hiring, 6f Failure to Warn (Including What's in a Good Safety Briefing) 6g Equipment Issues; 7 Defenses to Negligence Style Claims: 7a Release and Waiver Documents (Including What Needs To Be In These Documents) and How To Properly Administer Them, 7b Inherent Risk, 7c Assumption of Risk; 8 Various Issues Including: Industry Standards, Post Accident Conduct, Evidentiary Issues/Case Structure, Marketing, Insurance Issues; 9 Conclusion; 10 DVD Extra Sections Including: 10a Employment Related Issues, 10b Criminal Issues, 10c Hunting Issues, and 10d Question and Answer Session.


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