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Maximizing Adventure by Minimizing Risk

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Knutson and Associates advises recreational and adventure sports commercial entities, public land administrators, educators and insurers on a variety of risk management and legal liability issues such as:
Working with insuring groups to assess risk management issues for their policy holders and designing new programs for policy groups.
Defending claims made against clients and policy holders both informally and in full litigation. Working with defense counsel in other states to oversee or assist in review and defense of litigated cases or appeals.
Assessment of risk management and operations plans, policies and procedures, instructor training manuals, and other forms of documentation used by entities.
Advising entities on and analyzing insurance needs and coverage issues.
Providing critical guidance to entities responding to incidents including post incident review and information gathering, crisis management, press statements, etc. Working with providers to understand and implement important post accident policies and procedures following the occurrence of an incident or injury.
Designing and conducting risk management training for guides and staff.
Assisting entities and programs in completing certification processes and/or creating certification programs.
Drafting risk management style documents such as assumption of risk and release/waiver or independent contractor contracts.
Speaking to entities and organizations about outdoor or recreation liability issues.
Legal and risk management oriented review of marketing materials and documentation such as brochures and web sites, medical or other screening information, applications, student/participant agreements, etc.
Evaluation of the sale of adventure businesses, participation in sale transactions and drafting of sale documents.
Working with public land administrators and commercial entities to resolve or interpret federal or state land use or permitting issues.
Advising recreational entities on employment type issues such independent contractor versus employee status, ultra vires style employment issues, worker’s compensation issues, etc.
Serve as entity spokesperson for press releases and informational purposes.
Sponsorship and event management consulting.
Provide intellectual property and rights management strategies for event and operator content management.
Film production assistance including contracts, permits, insurance placement, etc.
Alaska Film Production tax credit assistance for qualified film producers, directors, makers and productions.

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